10 must-have summer floats

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Have you even summered if you haven’t taken a swim on a cute, Instagram-worthy float?

From simple floats to massive, over-the-top tubes, these whimsical water accessories are adult summer camp material. So grab some sunscreen and dive in!

Float-Eh Loon Pool Float

If you have never attempted to swim on a loon float, are you really Canadian? This loon float is an original design and is a true one-of-a-kind Canadian-themed float that can easily fit two adults.

Buy: Amazon.ca, $79.99

Float-Eh Beaver Float

Float in style on this Beaver Float from Float-Eh. We know floaties are prone to puncturing, but rest assured, this one comes with a three-year warranty.

Buy: Amazon.ca, $59.99

Giant Unicorn Pool Float

Who doesn’t love unicorns? It’s almost a staple at every summer pool party. Get comfy and stay afloat with this mystical fun piece that’s suited for pools, beaches and the lake.

Buy: Indigo.ca, $14.99

Giant Popsicle Pool Float

Who doesn’t love a frozen treat to beat the heat these days? Over 5 feet tall, this Giant Popsicle Pool Float will be a treat enjoyed by all. It also comes complete with a handy patch kit.

Buy: Indigo.ca, $10

Sling Seat Float – Sloth

This adorable sloth float is over 4 feet long and is perfect for lounging on gently rocking water. Nothing lazier than laying around on a lazy sloth float.

Buy: Indigo.ca, $21

Giant Inflatable Pizza Pool Float Lounger

No party is complete without pizza right? This giant pizza float is all you need this summer. It’s suitable for both kids and adults and features bungee connectors to connect more pizza floats. At the risk of sounding cheesy, have a slice with this one!

Buy: Amazon.ca, $72

Giant Inflatable Diamond Ring Pool Float

This one’s a great engagement party pool float idea for the bride and her bridesmaids. It’s a great way to tell the world that he liked it and he put a ring on it. Plus, it makes quite the Instagram-worthy photo, eh?

Buy: Amazon.ca, $31.99

Splash Two Sided Kiss N Wink Swim Raft

We’re in love! This two-sided kiss and wink emoji float is adorable and makes a great addition to any pool party. Kids and adults can use it as a raft or lay back on it and take in the sun.

Buy: Amazon.ca, $22.44

Chicken Fight Twin Float Pool Game Set

How about you amp up the pool games with a water wrestling contest? Ride a giant inflatable chicken and knock your friend off their giant inflatable chicken. This twin chicken float set adds enough entertainment for a fun family friendly fight. Enough said.

Buy: Amazon.ca, $99.95

Flamingo Inflatable Ride-On

Flamingos are still all the rage and totally extra, yet a must for every pool or beach hang. This super cute flamingo float is equipped with two heavy duty handles and two air chambers. Stand tall and flamingo for it.

Buy: Amazon.ca, $88.55

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