Weekly Hack: Serve better beer

By Leszek Czerwonka/Shutterstock

Summer’s long over, but that sure doesn’t mean that beer-drinking season is over. (Because beer.) No matter which brewski you prefer, follow these tips for storing, serving, and enjoying.

*Beer commercials lie. Most beer doesn’t taste good if it’s ice cold. Temperature affects flavour, and different beer types and styles have different ideal serving temperatures. Generally, the lighter the beer, the colder you want to drink it. The strongest of ales, meanwhile, taste best around room temperature or just below.

*Keep beer somewhere cool; your regular fridge (at 4°C max) is often too cold. If you have a beer fridge, set it a few degrees higher.

*Serve your brews in clean glasses. “Beer clean,” that is. Residue (from soap, from other beverages) or even fibres from the tea towel you used to dry the glass can mess with the integrity of the beer. The best way to keep beer glasses clean is to only use them for beer. Hand-washing and air-drying will help too; rinse the glass with cool water right before pouring.

*Stocking up on beer before the holidays? Make sure you store it somewhere dark. Too much exposure to light can cause beer to skunk. You can still drink it. But it’ll be disgusting.

*Beer doesn’t last forever. If you store it properly, some unopened beer can last for up to eight months. Even after that, it’s often still safe to drink—it just may not taste as good anymore.

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