A 99-can case of beer has arrived in Canada

Pabst's 99-can case of beer in the back of a truck Photo courtesy of @canadian_mopar_club/Instagram

This past Christmas, Pabst Blue Ribbon gave Quebeckers a very special gift: a limited-edition 99-can case of beer.

The case, which is taller than the average man, was exclusively available in the province’s Couche-Tard convenience stores for as long as supplies lasted. Given the reaction by locals, we don’t think they lasted very long.

Man hugging 99-can case of beer
Photo by chabrub/Instagram

People were understandably excited about the beerovation, but the box proved difficult to get home.

99-can case of beer in a smartcar
Photo by amellzzzz/Instagram

For those without a car, lugging the beer home proved to be a two-man job.

taking home a 99-can case of beer
Photo by nicolasimbeau/Instagram

We’re unsure why exactly Quebec was the only province to get this alternative to the two-four, but here’s hoping the enthusiasm for the case ensures it comes to a store near you soon.

It may be a lot to lug up to the cottage, but it would definitely guarantee fewer beer runs.

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