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Space-saving upgrades for your cottage kitchen

Living in a small cottage may be bliss, but we know it isn’t always easy. Cottagers and homeowners with limited space are constantly on the lookout for innovative upgrades, new appliances, and fun ways to integrate them. In the kitchen, being aware of your space and using every inch of it is essential for fluidity (and also safety), but mostly it just feels really good to have that one, frequented room in tip-top shape.

With that in mind, here are some space-saving upgrades for your cottage kitchen.

Corner shelves

In a cramped kitchen, it can be hard to get all the storage space you need without drowning in heavy, large cabinets and cupboards everywhere. Corner shelves are an eye-catching detail that uses a part of the room’s wallspace that is often forgotten but holds a lot of potential.

Fully integrated dishwasher

For some people, there would truly be no greater upgrade at the cottage than the addition of a dishwasher. While it isn’t necessary, it is nice to have and Bosch‘s 18″ model has topped consumer surveys for years. Proving good things come in tiny packages, the slim, German-engineered washer fits 9 place settings, has four wash settings, and is one of the quietest (if not the quietest) models out there.


Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

If there is a spot in your kitchen where the cabinets stop, start wondering why. The vertical space above your cabinets is like whole new dimension when it comes to kitchen storage, and it is truly surprising how good a full wall of shelving looks. If the look is too busy for your taste, you could add bare shelves or use the space decoratively.

Multipurpose window fixtures

Put shelves wherever you can! This interesting design places shelves over otherwise uncovered windows and provides a great place for storage and a little shade.


Toe-kick pullout

One of the best space-saving upgrades for a cottage is installing a drawer for the tiny space at the bottom of your kitchen cupboards. You know, the annoying space where your toe fits between the cabinet and the floor and dust bunnies like to hide? One option is the toe-kick drawer, which uses the space for thinner items like cookbooks. For a kid-friendly option, the space could instead reveal a stow-away stepping stool.

Combine your microwave and oven hood

For a streamlined look, buy a microwave with a built-in ventilation hood and install it into the cabinetry above the oven.

Hanging glassware

A row of hooks beneath the upper cupboards and above countertop is a great spot to hang mugs or wine glasses.

Hidden seating

These awesome vintage swivel stools are hung on heavy duty hinges that keep them hidden underneath the kitchen island until you need a place to sit.