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5 space-saving appliances for a crammed cottage kitchen

Nothing makes a small space seem more cramped than big, overbearing objects and clutter. In your kitchen—one of the only creative, supposedly functional spaces that exists in every house (no matter how bad your cooking is)—this is the last thing you want. And at the cottage you’re supposed to be relaxing, not worrying about a crowded living space.

Thanks to small apartments, tiny houses and smart people who are into saving money and space, there are plenty of micro-sized appliances to better suit your small cottage kitchen. Here are a few of the best: 

Dishwasher drawer

Large dishwashers are ideal for big families and gatherings, but not everyone has the luxury of that much space at their cottage. Dishwasher drawers are placed under the countertop and integrated into cabinet space. The dishwasher literally slides open like a drawer, and is about half the height of a typical under-counter cabinet.

Counter-depth fridge

In a compact kitchen, it can be hard to figure out where to put what is most important—the food. Old fridges are bulky, loud and aren’t exactly easy on your energy bill. Most small cottages would probably turn to apartment-style fridges to maintain space, but our friends at Bosch have just released a line of 24″ freestanding appliances that are “Ideal for Compact Kitchen Layouts” and designed to blend into your counter space. The tall, sleek fridge has awesome storage capabilities including five large drawer compartments, a bottom freezer, and a wine rack.

Micro cooktop

A full oven and range is nice and all, but isn’t really practical when you compare the space saving methods of having an integrated wall oven and a separate, stand-alone cooktop. Four-range cooktops are the regular, but they are also offered in a more compact, cottage-friendly size. Beautiful, brand new stainless steel 12-inch two-range burners go for anywhere from $400 and up.

Drawer-style microwave

A small kitchen can seem infinitely tighter with appliances taking up space and often coming out past countertops in older designs. Under-counter or wall installations are the new favourite, as they not only free up a lot of space, but also look pretty seamless. A drawer-style microwave sits beneath the counter space as it if was one of the cabinets or drawers. For a super tiny kitchen that doesn’t have space for many appliances (like, say, an oven), many microwaves now come with convection cooking or grilling capabilities, and can cook up to a full-size turkey.

Countertop oven

If you have a particularly tiny cottage, don’t do much cooking, or don’t have many guests, the new trendy countertop ovens might be ideal. The small appliance, sometimes called a ‘smart convection,’ looks like a slightly larger toaster-oven with more knobs and cooking options, and is large enough to fit a 13-inch pizza.