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One quick fix to max out your cupboard space

stocked kitchen cupboard with food - jars and containers of cereals, jam, coffee, sugar, flour, oil, vinegar, rice Photo by Miroslav Pesek/Shutterstock

The first big cabinet job I tackled was building cottage cupboards, and with it came my first big cabinetry mistake: fixed shelves. We can’t adjust their position to suit what they hold, and anything deep within stays there forever. Since I won’t get around to rebuilding the cupboards, I figured we were stuck with the inefficiency, until my wife, Lynn, found a fix at (search for “sliding organizers”): heavy-duty drawer inserts that come assembled with the sliding hardware. Drawer slides are not new, but the ones I’ve typically used attach to the cabinet sides—and if they’re not aligned and levelled precisely, the drawers can stick. These Solutions drawers are dead simple to install: screw them down to the existing shelf and you’re done. If you have adjustable shelves, secure them first with L-brackets—or the shelves will tip over when the drawers are extended. The sliding organizers range from $65 to $90, in sizes for most cupboards.

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