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Up your grilling game with this simple DIY barbecue cart

The Cottage Coach is back with a series of backyard builds that will help you embrace more of the outdoors this summer! For the grillmaster in your family, this DIY barbecue cart will up the stakes when steak is on the menu. Check out the video below to see all three of the builds come to life, and read on to learn how to build your own rolling barbecue side table.

Here’s what you’ll need:

PART                                 QTY.

•  2x4x8 cedar                             5
•  Deck boards cedar                 24′
•  ½″ Iron pipe                          10″
•  ½″ Iron pipe 90°                    4
•  ½″ Iron pipe T connector    4
•  ½″ Iron pipe flange               4
•  Castors                                     2
•  2 ½″ Deck screws
•  1 ¼″ Deck screws
•  Paint/stain

Building instructions:

Step 1
Determine the size of your cart. This will be different for everyone. You’ll be using deck boards, so you’ll have to work with the standard deck board width ( approx. 5 ½”). Once you’ve determined the length and width of your cart, you can build your upper and lower frame around that.

Step 2
Build your frame with 45-degree angles instead of using butt joints. These mitred corners will create a cleaner look.

Step 3
Once you’ve cut the pieces for your frame, lay everything upside down to assemble. This will ensure your top surface is flush.

Step 4
After making sure that all of your pieces fit together, you can assemble your frames with deck screws. First, screw your frame together. Then lay your deck boards. Finally, attach the inner rails on the underside of the deck boards to hold them in place.

Step 5
Your inner rail will be what the deck boards sit on. You can buy one-inch pine, or rip some leftover deck board to save on costs. Attach the rails and legs to the inside of the frame using screws. Once that’s complete, you’ll want to do the exact same steps for the lower frame, with the exception of the legs. Leave a space in the corners for the legs to be inserted.

Step 6
Flip your upper frame over and insert the 2×4 legs into the lower frame. With a little help, the lower frame should slide up the legs to your desired height. To make sure that it’s level, measure from the bottom up on each of the legs. Screw the frame to the legs from the inside through the legs.

Step 7
It’s time to add your casters to the legs. You’ll only be adding casters to two of the legs. This will allow you to move the cart when needed, but you won’t be chasing it all over your backyard on windy afternoons. Measure the height of your casters and remove that length from two of your legs. These should be on the same end of the cart, with legs that are spaced closely together.

Step 8
You can add your deck boards to the lower shelf at this point. Because the legs are attached to the inside of the frame, you’ll need to jigsaw out the two end boards to fit around them.

Step 9
If you’d like to add a bit of colour, you can use stain or paint, but give them a quick sand so that the wood absorbs the paint better. Cottage Coach tip: use 220-grit sandpaper for a nice, smooth finish.

Step 10
And for a design accent, add a half-inch iron pipe handle to your upper frame. Before attaching it, spray the pipe with a clear coat or rust paint.

This simple DIY build can be done in an afternoon, and will add an elegant touch to your outdoor dining area.

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