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Turn your backyard into a theatre with this DIY outdoor movie screen

Who needs the drive-in when you can enjoy the full cinema experience in your own backyard? Our Cottage Coach, Adam Holman, is here to show you how to build a simple movie screen that your family can enjoy all summer long.

Be sure to check out the video below to see all three of the DIY projects from Adam, and read on to learn how to build the backyard theatre.

Here’s what you’ll need:

PART                                 QTY.

•  Five-gallon bucket                 4
•  Sand
•  Outdoor projector
•  Movie screen / fabric
•  Zip ties
•  1 ½″ ABS “T” connector       3
•  1 ½″ ABS 90° connector       2
•  1 ½″ ABS pipe                         Fit to screen size
•  ABS cement

Building instructions:

Step 1
Purchase or pre-build your screen (from fabric) and lay it out on a flat surface. Measure the dimensions of the screen. Your frame should be two to three inches larger than the screen so that it will be pulled taut to remove any wrinkles when attached.

Step 2
Once you know the size of your screen, lay out your 1 ½" ABS piping around the screen to build the frame. Once you know the correct lengths, you can cut your piping.

Step 3
Connect your pipes using 90-degree ABS connectors for the top two corners, and three T connectors for the bottom. These will be used to attach the legs. Make sure to fit them before glueing.

Step 4
Once you’re happy with the layout, you’ll want to sand down the ends of ABS pipe that are being connected. This will help create a better bond. Don’t sand down (or glue) the ABS pipe legs. You’ll want to remove them when you store the screen. Be sure you’ve marked which pieces are going to be glued, because once they are, they won’t come apart!

Step 5
Once the frame is glued together, you can lay out the screen and use zip ties to attach it through the grommets to the pipe. Make sure to pull it taut.

Step 6
Take your three leg pieces of ABS pipe and insert them into the T connectors.

Step 7
Fill three five-gallon buckets with sand and insert the legs into the sand.

You now have a storable movie screen in your own backyard! Get a portable projector and some popcorn, and enjoy your favourite films under the stars. Just be sure to use OFF! Botanicals repellent to protect your family after dark.

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