This tiny house is fit for an avid baker—and her six-foot-six husband

Published: June 16, 2016 · Updated: September 22, 2017

This home comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, high ceilings, a bathtub and even a washing machine.

Travel trailer houses are known for being affordable, eco-friendly, and mobile—most can be towed across the country by a pick-up truck. But with all the advantages of pint-sized living come some drawbacks, like low ceilings, unadorned kitchens, and basic washrooms.

So when Lindsay, an avid baker, and Jeremy, who is over six feet tall, decided they wanted to live a smaller, simpler life, they knew they were going to have to get creative. Their must-have list for their tiny home (which was featured on an episode of FYI’s Tiny House Nation), included ceilings high enough for Jeremy to walk around comfortably and a spacious kitchen that could handle Lindsay’s baking endeavours. It was a tall order, but the couple managed to design and build a home that checked off all the boxes—plus so many more.