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10 ways fairy lights can turn your yard into an enchanted space

Most of us carefully design our indoor spaces, meditating on the perfect piece of furniture or paint colour to make sure each room has that just-right atmosphere. But when it comes to outdoor spaces, we tend to step back. After all, nature’s got it covered.

While we agree that nature is the best stylist anyone could ask for, there is one way you can make your outdoor spaces a little more habitable, especially in the evenings: string lights. These gentle threads of light aren’t called “fairy lights” for nothing. They really do create a fairytale glow wherever they’re strung, and once you have them in place, you won’t have to run indoors as soon as the sun goes down.

Putting string lights over your patio is the most common move, and it looks great, but there are lots of other spaces that can benefit from a little glow. Here are a few spaces that have been rendered magical with just a simple string of lights.