This stunning yurt proves that off-the-grid living can still look good

Updated: September 22, 2017

A New Yorker gave up her tiny apartment to join a yurt community in Wyoming.

On a plot of rural land near Jackson, Wyoming, there’s a small yurt community that’s been there for decades. The residents include a librarian, painter, yoga teacher, mountain guides, and Megan Griswold, a writer and designer who has lived in her beautiful, nearly all-white yurt since 2013. She enlisted the help of Seattle-based SHED Architecture & Design to come up with the yurt’s spacious layout, which includes a kitchen in the middle of the yurt and a loft bedroom above it that can fit a queen-sized bed. Solar panels power most of the yurt, but there’s also a wood-burning stove for cooler nights. It’s by far the most stylish yurt we’ve ever seen, proving that off-the-grid living can be chic too.