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This historic barn was taken apart and rebuilt as a stunning family home

Like people, buildings sometimes change their looks, jobs, and locations. Case in point: this modern single-family home in California began its life as a functional barn in New York State.

The change in identity began in 2014, when the historic timber-frame structure, first built circa 1860, was dismantled. It was then sent from New York to Texas, where it was cleaned and refurbished, and from there it was sent to its final destination, Northern California’s wine country. At its final destination, the barn was rebuilt with exciting new architectural flourishes, resulting in an incredibly modern space that takes full advantage of the original structure’s expansive size.

The architectural firm in charge of the project, Anderson Anderson, made it a priority to maintain the feeling of open space in the project. They accentuated the barn’s original structure by making their additions in simple white, so as to highlight the wood and joinery, and “[gather] the mysterious light, shadow, and spatial tracery of the floating beams and columns.” Large windows and sliding doors were added to allow the residents panoramic views of their surroundings, and radiant heating was installed in the floors.

The result is a modern building with an old soul. The house’s rustic frame is counterbalanced by an added concrete wing and exposed floors, making the space feel a bit like an art studio or industrial loft. Overall, this building is a great argument for taking the time to refurbish an old structure, and for reusing materials. Change is good.