Squirrel prompts break-and-enter investigation in Port Hope


Most cottagers know squirrels can be a little pesky, but last week, the small rodent actually prompted a woman to call the cops.

According to news reports, police were called to a Port Hope, Ontario, residence last Thursday for what was believed to be a break and enter. The property’s caretaker called the police after discovering the home in disarray—lamps were knocked over, picture frames were on the floor, and the television was turned on.

But they didn’t have a clumsy thief on their hands. The police investigation revealed that it was actually a squirrel who caused the chaos. They believe it entered the house through the chimney before running through the home knocking the items onto the ground, and then of course, stepping on the remote to turn on the TV.

But this is hardly the first time a squirrel has led someone to believe they’ve been burglarized. In July 2015, a squirrel caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage at a private members club in Worcestershire, England, after it managed to turn on a beer tap, emptying the entire barrel, and knock over beer bottles and glasses.

It’s not clear whether or not the squirrel is still inside the Port Hope home. Lucky for the little guy, the police officers ruled the break and enter to be unfounded and no one is pressing charges.