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This floating cabin is your own private paradise

Aboard this floating cabin on a small British lake, visitors can unleash their inner Huckleberry Finns. Owner Paul Tallowin built the cabin atop a raft because he wanted a getaway that was surrounded by water and wildlife, and completely cut off from the hectic energy of city life.

Located in Essex County in England, just northeast of London, the raft is made of hand-sawn pine and larch from the nearby Chigborough Farm and runs on solar power.

As for getting on the raft, that’s an adventure onto itself! Visitors can board the “ferry,” which is actually a small wooden raft, and travel to the cabin via a rope pulley system. On your way over, watch out for the ducks, swans and geese that call the tranquil lake home.

Explore the Raft at Chigborough and start working on the blueprints for your own floating cabin.