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Here’s a Canadian architectural firm’s new take on the log cabin

The classic-style log cabin will never get old — the heavy wooden walls and cozy interiors are essential to our ideas about what it means to go out to the cottage. Nevertheless, last year, a Canadian architectural firm set itself the challenge of creating a new and innovative log cabin design that still retains the homey feeling of the standard style, and the result is a sleek and modern take on the log cabin.

YH2 is an award-winning Montreal-based architecture firm with a reputation for building innovate-yet-affordable residences. When real estate group Fraternité-sur-Lac offered them the opportunity to design a series of chalets on Lake Superior, they decided their goal was to create exceptional properties that were “in perfect harmony with nature.” The result was two styles of chalets: the Spahaus and the Trihouse.

The two models both employ similar ideas: they are meant to be functional, affordable, and inspired by nature. The Trihaus is larger at three stories, and is meant to blend into its forest surroundings, while the Spahaus is a modular unit coming in multiple sizes and with several luxuries (including, of course, some traditional spa elements). In both, there is an incredible attention to detail and lots of drool-worthy features, like huge tubs, giant windows, and of course, lots of warm, wooden surfaces. They also come with heated floors and outdoor hot tubs. Welcome to the future!