Meet Rosie, the cat who’s part of a husky pack

Dogs and cats aren’t usually known for being the best of friends, but as plenty of cute internet photos demonstrate, canine-feline friendships aren’t actually that unusual. Nevertheless, the story of Rosie the cat and Lilo, the husky who adopted her, is a tale of an unusually strong interspecies bond.

About six months ago, Lilo’s owners took in an abandoned three-week-old kitten that they named Rosie. According to their Instagram page, Rosie was limp and lethargic when they got her, and they feared she wouldn’t make it through the night. They decided to take a risk and let their gentle husky Lilo see kitten, and to their surprise and relief, the kitten perked up, and the two animals began to cuddle. Lilo immediately took on a maternal role, allowing the kitten to try to suckle, and even helping her go to the bathroom.

Within a week, Rosie had improved drastically, opening her eyes and taking small walks around to explore. Since then, Rosie and Lilo have been inseparable, and Rosie has become an official member of Lilo’s “husky pack,” a group of dogs that loves to hang out together and go on outdoor adventures.

As you can see from these photos, Rosie fits right in. She isn’t afraid to go outside and get dirty (or snowy!), and she clearly thinks of herself as one of the pack. While Rosie’s owners originally intended only to foster her until she found a forever-home, they soon announced that they had “foster failed” and would be keeping Rosie so that she wouldn’t be separated from Lilo. The above photos show some of their best adventures, group photos, and cuddles from the past six months.