Rover just revealed the most popular dog names in Canada this year

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Naming a new furry member of the family always takes a lot of work—first everyone makes a shortlist, and the rest of the time is devoted to convincing other people why your shortlist is best. In the end, it’s the names that mean the most to us, that we have a deep connection to, as well as the classics, that usually end up getting picked, as proved by Rover’s annual top pet name report. Here are the most popular dog names of 2022, plus a few other pet name trends:

Top male dog names

10. Toby
9. Winston
8. Teddy
7. Buddy
6. Rocky
5. Leo
4. Cooper
3. Max
2. Milo
1. Charlie

Top female dog names

10. Coco
9. Nala
8. Molly
7. Zoe
6. Lily
5. Lola
4. Lucy
3. Daisy
2. Bella
1. Luna

Rover also noted the fastest-growing pet names of 2022, including Julian and Harrison for dogs and Tiggy and Marbles for cats.

Food- and drink-related names are always popular choices, and this year was no different. Favoruite foods no doubt correspond with pet names, with Donut, Burrito, and Kimchi all being top choices. Gin, Merlot, and Cosmo hit high on the list of alcohol-inspired names, while Monster, Latte, and Boba rounded out the drinks category.

Pop culture also influenced our naming conventions. Elvis, Rhianna, and Mozart were trending musician-themed names; Eleven, Nori, and Saul were top TV show-themed names; and Rooster, Lupin, and Peter stole the spotlight in movie-related names.

Want to see if your pet’s name is on any of the lists? Check out the full Rover report here.

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