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A derelict farmhouse gets a fresh makeover

It’s hard to believe from looking at these photos, but not too long ago this cosy farmhouse was completely dilapidated. When homeowners Christina Salway and her husband John Moskowitz visited the house in Callicoon—about a three hour drive from their main home in New York City—the windows were barren, the kitchen was stripped, and the plumbing and electricity would need to be fixed. Aesthetically, the house needed plenty of work too. The floors were covered in unsightly linoleum and dropped ceilings had been installed.

Yet for all these drawbacks, it was in a prime location. The farmhouse was on 43 acres of land, privately situated a half-mile away from the nearest road. The couple decided they couldn’t pass up the location and begun a massive overhaul to make the farmhouse fit for their young son, as well as their family and friends. After many renovations, Salway and Moskowitz have transformed the derelict space into the perfect retreat.