Watch an epic moose showdown in an Alaska driveway

Moose with antlers locked in front yard

For humans, it can be easy to forget that wild animals are perpetually fighting for dominance. Their battles for food, territory, and power are constant—we humans just don’t tend to see them. Well, unless they turn up right in our front driveways, that is.

This is exactly what happened in Anchorage, Alaska, recently, when two moose clashed in front of a suburban home. Apparently, this encounter couldn’t wait until the moose got back to the cover of the forest. They began fighting in a well-manicured front lawn, oblivious to their surroundings.

The incredibly powerful animals are seen spinning and striking against one another, their antlers clashing with a loud crack. Fully immersed in the battle, they are unfazed by the passing traffic and by the parked cars they come very near to hitting.

Male moose tend to fight over territory and females. And though their antlers may appear to be good jabbing weapons, their goal in combat is not to gore one another, but to push one another to prove their superior strength and bulk. That’s clearly what these two moose are doing, and it quickly becomes obvious who is prevailing in this shoving match, as one of the moose manages to propel the other across the driveway, knocking his opponent to the ground.

It’s the sort of incredible sight that most wildlife enthusiasts would love to see up close (but not too close). Many of us tend to think of moose as goofy, docile creatures, but this video might just make you view them differently: as North America’s ultimate gladiators.

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