Watch the ultimate backyard battle: moose vs. lawnmower

moose attacks lawnmower

Companies selling automated lawnmowers may want to consider adding a new feature: moose insurance.

A Norwegian homeowner recently discovered this the hard way when he sent his automated mower after a moose who was eating apples in his backyard. Unni Solheim stayed inside his house filming as the mower approached the moose, a decision that turned out to be wise, considering the animal’s actions.

Initially, the moose tolerates the mower, seeming to regard it with some curiosity. However, when it approaches him a second time as he’s trying to pull apples from a tree, the moose busts out some moves worthy of an MMA fighter. When the lawnmower draws near, the moose deals it a mighty kick that stops it in its tracks. Moments later, the mower’s mournful alarm begins to sound, and it’s down for the count.

Apparently, moose in residential areas are a bit of a problem in parts of Norway, entering people’s yards and gardens and approaching their homes. In fact, in some parts of Norway, moose outnumber humans two to one.

While we’re not sure of the solution for the problem of backyard animals, at least now we know what to do if the machines rise up against us: enlist the help of some moose.

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