This portable woodstove is efficient, compact—and cute

What do you get when you take a camping stove and a traditional woodburner, then shrink it down to a compact, 37-pound unit? The Frontier Plus, a tiny yet hardworking portable stove that is perfect for small houses, tents, sheds or backyards.

What this stove lacks in size, it makes up for in efficiency. With the Frontier Plus, you can cook multiple pans at once, meaning you can boil water in a kettle, fry up some bacon, and scramble eggs all at the same time. And with its long flue, it’s surprisingly easy to install the Frontier Plus in a small enclosed space, meaning it can double as a heater.

The whole unit packs into itself for easy transportation, too.

Created by Anevay, a UK-based company with a passion for portable stoves, the Frontier Plus came to life after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Although the stove will likely attract campers and glampers, its original purpose was to help in disaster zones.

At around $600 CAD, the Frontier Plus is well worth the investment. And bonus: it’s so darn cute.

Install the flashing kit in your tent in a few easy steps.
Fit the flue sections together.
Push the flue through the flashing kit.
Add wood and start your fire.
Enjoy the warmth from the stove comfortably in your own tent.