The best outdoor gear deals for campers

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A night under the stars is unrivaled in the Canadian wilderness…as long as you’re prepared. No one wants to be stuck shivering in a tattered sleeping bag under a leaky tent. To enjoy camping you need to have the right gear. As the holidays approach, make sure the camper in your life has everything they need to enjoy the great outdoors. Check out this list of essential outdoor gear for gift ideas.

Under $50

1. Emergency Survival Kit

Whether it’s car camping or a week-long portage, campers need to be ready for anything. This survival kit will make sure they’re prepared. It includes: an emergency blanket, survival wrist bracelet, tactical pen, whistle, flashlight, compass, ring saw, carabiner, tactics knife, mini light, saber card, fire starter, pill bottle, and S-shaped carabiner.

2. Hand Warmer

Sometimes it feels impossible to warm up, especially when winter camping. But this fast-charging hand warmer will keep campers toasty even on the coldest winter nights.

3. Personal Water Filter

If your camper portages or hikes, jugs of water will only weigh them down. This personal water filter, however, is lightweight and can filter up to 4,000 litres of contaminated water.

4. Collapsible Cutting Board and Colander

This portable silicone board is the answer to prepping food in the outdoors. It can expand into a tub for washing dishes and then collapse into a cutting board for chopping meat and veggies.

5. Multitool Axe

This multitool axe will help set up any campsite. It includes a hammer, axe, pliers, knife blade, saw, assorted hex wrenches, Philips screwdriver, bottle opener, nail file, and safety lock.

6. Camping Cookware

This camping cookware kit will make sure your camper eats like royalty. It includes a mini stove, two aluminum non-stick pots, one spoon, one fork, one knife, one stainless steel cup, one sillicone insulated cup protector, and a carry bag.

7. Portable Radio

Part of camping is disconnecting with the outside world, but it can still be useful to know what’s going on, especially if there’s a weather warning. This solar-powered portable radio will keep your camper up to date while also charging their devices.

Under $100

8. Camping Hammock

Spending a night on the cold, hard ground can leave your camper sleepless and irritated. Instead, get them a sleeping hammock. It cradles the camper in high-quality parachute nylon, keeping them gently raised above the ground.

9. Large Assault Pack

Having the right backpack is a must for camping. This pack has a 2.5 litre external organizer pocket for carrying outdoor gear and adjustable padded straps.

10. Polypropylene Webbing

Whether strapping a canoe to a car or just hanging up a food bag, this polypropylene webbing will not let you down. It’s water and UV resistant, and won’t stretch like a nylon rope. Not to mention, it has a tensile break strength of 1800 pounds.

11. Telescopic Fishing Rod

Fishing goes hand-in-hand with camping, but it’s not easy to carry a full sized fishing rod. Instead, consider this retractable fishing rod. It extends to 49.5 centimetres and is made from carbon fibre.

12. Portable Camping Shower

While jumping into the lake is one way to scrub off the dirt, it doesn’t replace the feeling of a proper shower. This kit contains a powerful shower pump and two types of shower heads.

13. Camping Cot

If your camper is looking to lounge, consider gifting them this camping cot. It can support up to 500 pounds and is great for sleeping.

14. LED Camping Lanterns

Avoid any stubbed toes or late-night stumbles with these LED lanterns. They give off 1,000 lumens and have a 360 degree beam.

Over $100

15. Coleman Instant Screen House

For campers looking to avoid the bugs, this screen house is the perfect respite. It’s easy to set up and a great space for eating meals or playing cards.

16. Pack-away Kitchen

This pack-away kitchen makes outdoor meals easy. With a rust-resistant steel frame, it has ample space for prepping food and drinks.

17. Camping Mattress

This high-density memory foam mattress will make your camper feel like they’re sleeping at home. It’s easy to roll and comes with a removable water proof sheet.

18. Folding Camping Chair

Your camper won’t want to stand up again after settling into one of these ultralight, high back camping chairs. The set comes with two chairs both ergonomically designed for comfort.

19. Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Cozy into this mummy-style sleeping bag. The three-piece hood is designed to keep your camper’s whole head warm, and it includes added insulation in the footbox. Not to mention, it’s extremely lightweight and requires no rolling. Instead, it fits in a durable compression sack.

20. Open Fire Camping Grill

This camping grill makes cooking over an open fire quick and easy. Attach the grill and skillet to the stake and drive the stake into the ground next to the fire. Then let the fire do the work.

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