This photographer captures the joys of going on a road trip

Tristan Paiige is a photographer who has truly tapped into the spirit of outdoor living. Her photos capture sweeping mountains, the quiet splash of an oar going into water, quirky cabins sitting alone in lush forests, early-morning mists rising from a lake, and many more of the tiny, perfect moments that we experience on outdoor trips.

Paiige, who is based in Oregon, has a talent for choosing scenes that are both completely ordinary and entirely extraordinary. She recognizes the beauty not just in epic mountain scenes and panoramic landscapes, but also in the small, simple things: the moment you pull your van onto the open road, or the way stream water trickles over a stone.

If the feeling we get from these photos could be bottled, it would be called “essence of the road trip.” It’s a highly concentrated dose of nostalgia and tranquility that reminds us to focus on both the large and the small.