Saskatchewan woman rescues porcupine with her handy window scraper

Porcupine Photo courtesy of Raelene Prieb/Facebook

Raelene Prieb of Yorkton, Saskatchewan was on her way home when she spotted a porcupine on the side of the road. The prickly creature seemed to have landed itself in a bit of a pickle.

The porcupine had rolled itself onto its back and was unable to get back up. Prieb realized the animal would need her assistance.

“I [was] going to have to help him, clearly. He [was] having a really bad Monday,” she told the CBC.

Had a Lorne Greene Wilderness moment on the way home from work today….

Posted by Raelene Prieb on Monday, March 19, 2018

Prieb, however, did not want to touch the animal — its sharp quills were nothing to laugh about — so she grabbed her handy window scraper.

With her phone filming the animal in one hand, and the scraper in the other, she got to work rescuing the animal.

Slowly, she managed to lever the porcupine onto its front. This success was short lived, however, as the bumbling animal tried to scale a snowbank only to end up back where it started: stuck on its back.

Porcupine rescue
Photo courtesy of Raelene Prieb/Facebook

Luckily, Prieb had stuck around and decided to help the creature out. She dug it a pathway through the snow and watched as the porcupine waddled its way to safety.

Once she finally made it home, Prieb uploaded the video of the porcupine rescue to Facebook, where it proceeded to get over four million views.

“People need to see compassion and mercy and grace out there,” Pried said about the video’s virality.

Just another reason to ensure you always have a window scraper in the car.

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