Saskatchewan man finds house in his field

house in field [Credit: Patrick Maze]

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found on your property? Odds are a Saskatchewanian Patrick Maze has you beat after finding an entire abandoned house in his field a couple of weeks ago.

Maze was driving near Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan, at around 5:30 a.m. when he spotted the house sitting in the middle of his empty field. Apparently, however, he wasn’t perturbed by the finding, and assumed someone would be back for it.

“Several days later, I’d actually forgotten about the house,” he told the CBC. “I went for a walk on the property and there it still was.”

close-up view of house on wheels in field
The house was left in the field unbeknownst to its owner. [Credit: Patrick Maze]
He took photos and quickly reached out to friends on Facebook for help. “Have any of you ever found a house?” he wrote in the post. “. . . Perhaps someone stole it and took it for a joy ride, then ditched it on my property? . . . If you know someone who has lost a house, let me know.”

The story quickly blew up, with commenters joking about how typically Saskatchewan the whole situation was. But the post actually worked, when Brenda Robertson, the house’s owner, saw it.

Turns out, Robertson had hired a moving company to move the house from Winnipeg to Lumsden, Saskatchewan, but when an issue arose with SaskPower permits, the movers were told to leave the house where it was, all unbeknownst to Lumsden. “So it’s quite a surprise to see my house on your land,” she commented.

The house has since been moved, and an update on the post by Robertson revealed that it had reached its final destination: “My house is finally home.”

Facebook post by Brenda Robertson — "My house is finally home" — with a photo of the house

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