Plan a trip to Egan Chute

Egan Chute

Egan Chute is a long cascading waterfall located 10km east of Bancroft on Hwy 28. The falls are on the York River in Egan Chutes Provincial Park. The ‘chute’ from which the falls get their name is formed by a natural V-shape in the rock at this part of the York River. There are no guard rails at the falls, so take caution walking around them.

To reach the falls, park near the Goulding-Keene Quarry (abandoned) and follow the sand path for 10-15 minutes to the falls. The path may not be well maintained, but the scenery is lovely.

Nearby: The Goulding-Keene Quarry is an interesting place to visit along the way. The Bancroft area is one of the few places where sodalite, a blue mineral, can be found. As with any quarry, be careful near any drops.

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