Plan a trip to Eau Claire Gorge Falls

Eau Claire Gorge Falls

Though off the beaten path, Eau Claire Gorge Falls is a spectacular waterfall in Northern Ontario. 50km east of North Bay, the falls are on the Amable du Fond River in the Claire Gorge Conservation Area. The falls are about 12m tall and 5-6m wide, making for an impressive waterfall. Unlike most of the rivers in Ontario, the Amable du Fond River does not flow into the Great Lakes, instead going to the Mattawa and then the Ottawa river, before reaching the St. Lawrence River.

There are several trails to the falls, and it’s best to stick to them rather than straying off into the woods. The trails take you through scenic areas of the park, but are safely away from the edge of the deep gorge.

Nearby: The falls are fairly remote, so a day trip specifically to see these impressive falls may be in order. To reach them, take Hwy 17 east from North bay to Hwy 630. Go south on Hwy 630 for 5km to Peddler’s Drive, and turn right. After about 500m, you will reach the entrance to the conservation area.

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