Paddle Quetico Provincial Park

For those looking to venture well off the beaten path, Quetico Provincial Park may be your next ideal paddling destination. Located on the northwest end of Lake Superior, the park sits on the Canada-US border adjacent to the Superior National Forest, which covers  the northeastern corner of Minnesota. Hundreds of lakes and rivers make up the bulk of the park, making it the ideal destination for the adventurous paddler. The combinations of trails are endless as many of the lakes and rivers are closely connected with only a short portage to reach a new body of water. It is probably a good idea to bring a GPS with you if you go off exploring. The middle of an unpopulated, remote park is hardly the ideal time to learn that your navigational skills aren’t up to snuff.

Several outfitters operate in Quetico. Unless you’re a serious outdoorsperson with the survival skills and paddling chops to brave challenging courses on your own, this is the best way to paddle Quetico. Many of the paddling trails are very challenging with portages. A guided tour will keep you on the trails appropriate for your paddling level and help you get out of any situation you can’t handle.

Quetico is the type of place you head to be at one with nature. The forests are untouched and the wildlife is truly wild. If you make it out to Quetico, be ready for a once-in-a-lifetime paddling experience. Be aware that there are some stiff regulations regarding party size, supplies, and more in Quetico that have been put into place protect the park. Before you go, make sure your supplies and party are in line with them. 

Access to the park is limited. This page can tell you more about how to access the park, who you need to contact in advance, and where the nine ranger stations and entry points are located.

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