Paddle the Missinaibi River


If you’re looking to challenge your paddling skills on a majestic river that few people will ever visit, the Missinaibi River may be the trip for you.

The Missinaibi River is one of the longest free-flowing rivers in Ontario, and has the advantage of being undeveloped. Being that it’s quite remote in Northern Ontario and is a challenging course, this river is one for experienced paddlers only. However, there are a few guided canoe tours that will take you down all the river or sections of it, over a period of about a week to almost a month. There is a campground in the Missinaibi Provincial Park. Parts of the park fall within the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, making it an excellent place to see some spectacular Ontario wildlife, including moose, bears, lynxes, martens, and wolves, as well as herons, ospreys, and eagles.

Amenities: Campground, guided tours.

How to get there:To get to Missinaibi Provincial Park, from Sudbury, take Hwy 17 West. Turn right on ON-546 N (signs for Main Street. Continue onto ON-554 W, then turn right on ON129 N. Turn right on Pine Street, then left on Lisgar Street. Continue onto Martel Road than turn left toward Planner Road. Turn right onto Planner Road.  Take the first right, then turn right toward Poplar Street, then right again toward Poplar street, then take the second left onto Poplar Street. From here, roads may be unnamed or unmarked, so it’s probably a good idea to have a GPS device with you for this drive. Follow Poplar Street 22.9 km then turn left. Go another 28.3 km, then turn left again. After 8.5 km, turn right. After 16.5, you will arrive at Missinaibi Provincial Park. The trip will likely take about 10 hours from Toronto.

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