Paddle Lake Superior Provincial Park

Though this provincial park does move inland, it begins on Lake Superior’s rugged coast, whose colours inspired Canada’s famous Group of Seven artists. The park’s blue and moody waters make up a number of canoe routes that include some for beginners, but often involve stretches of white water. For that reason, paddlers are expected to show some caution in Lake Superior waters. You should be experienced enough that you will be able to both recognize and handle changing conditions. Novice paddlers can stick to the parks’ many interior water routes, which provide trips ranging from a few hours to a few days.

For those looking to get wet, beaches are located in each of the parks’ three campgrounds and fishers will also find good populations of various fish in the lake, including trout, whitefish and salmon.

Amenities: Camping; washrooms; laundry faculties; shower facilities; boat launch; store; visitors centre; boat rentals.

How to get there: Located northwest of Sudbury, Lake Superior Provincial Park can be accessed by taking Highway 17 west, following signs for Sault Ste-Marie. From there, continue heading north along the highway as it travels along the coast of Lake Superior.

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