Paddle Spanish River Provincial Park

The Spanish River

This park, which includes the Spanish River as well as Biscotasi Lake, is a favourite for paddlers. While the east branch of the river can provide up to a week of whitewater kayaking, you can also stay on the large island-filled lake if you’re less advanced or prefer flat water paddling. One of the most popular routes in the park begins in Duke Lake. And while the full trip, ending 145 km away in Agnew Lake, can take 8 to 10 days, you don’t have to complete the entire journey; paddling only a portion of the route will give you a good mix of whitewater and lake travel.

While you can also do some fishing and wildlife viewing at Spanish River Provincial Park, it is also located relatively close to the town of Sudbury, which includes lots of sightseeing and activities, including museums, restaurants and shopping destinations.

Amenities: Boat launch and backcountry campsites.

How to get there: From Sudbury, take Highway 17 east and turn right on Agnew Lake Road. From there, turn left on West Branch Road before making another right into the provincial park.

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