How to host a cottage country competition

host a cottage competition

It may seem hard to believe, but it can sometimes be boring at the cottage, particularly for kids who spend weeks or even the entire summer away from their friends at home. Why not amp up the excitement by hosting a Cottage Country Competition this summer?

While some competitive events are well suited for the cottage, such as swimming and paddling races, the unique terrain allows for some fun variations on traditional games. You can make up your own events, or try some of these ones.

Water-treading marathon

Most swimmers have challenged themselves to see how long they can tread water, but it becomes a contest when you try to outlast your family members. To make the competition fair for different generations, make the stronger swimmers start treading for a few minutes before the younger competitors get in the water.

Frisbee distance toss

A narrow cottage laneway provides the perfect course for this variation on the discus toss. Competitors have to throw their disc as far as they can, without straying into the woods on either side of the road. Give younger players a starting line further down the road.

Water-balloon relay race

Fill some tube-shaped water balloons and use them in lieu of batons for a family relay event. If your balloon bursts during the exchange, you have to get back to the starting line to get a new one.

Stand-up paddleboard sprints

Stand-up paddleboarding SUP for short is relatively new to cottage country, but is becoming increasingly popular. Once the members of your family have mastered the art of staying upright, engage their competitive nature with some sprint racing across the lake.

Volley polo

This combination of volleyball and water polo using a beach ball for the youngsters against their older relatives. Secure a floating rope across the point where the water starts to get deep. The kids play on the shallow side while the teens and adults have to tread water. Score a point every time the beach ball lands in the water on the other side of the line.

At the end of the day, tally up everyone’s scores and invite the winners to the podium, the gold medalist stands on top of the picnic table, while silver and bronze stand on the bench.