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7 fun activities that bring everyone together at the cottage

A trip to the cottage or cabin is a chance to relax, unplug a little, and have some much-needed quality time with friends and family. Whether you’re there for a week or just the weekend, it’s an opportunity to reconnect and have fun with loved ones in an idyllic setting, especially if there are activities for all ages at the cottage and in the area.

Make the most of your next cottage country stay by booking a Vrbo vacation rental that offers plenty of family-friendly amenities and boredom-busting extras. In addition, plan ahead and bring along any additional outdoor and indoor recreation items, games, or equipment that your group might want to have on hand. 

Rain or shine, here are seven fun activities for all ages to do at the cottage:

Splash and swim

If your holiday rental includes waterfront access, you’ll likely be spending much of your time in and near the water. Ask the host if inflatables and pool noodles will be available, and bring your own accessories if necessary. For kids and adults alike, a floating water mat can offer hours of activity and entertainment.

Build a campfire together

Building a campfire from scratch can be a fun bonding activity for all ages, especially if it’s followed by making s’mores. Plus, you can sing songs or tell ghost stories by the fire afterwards. On Vrbo, some listings do indicate in the title or main description that a fire pit is available, but you might have to bring your own firewood, starter fluid, and marshmallows. 

Take a group hike

Look on a map or ask your host: there might be nice forest or waterfront trails close to the cottage. Most are dog friendly, and some even lead to scenic waterfalls and secluded beaches. For a longer or more strenuous hike, consider exploring nearby provincial parks and conservations areas—the trails there may offer greater variety and more of a challenge.

Get on the water 

Activities like stand-up paddle-boarding, canoeing, and kayaking can be crowd-pleasers, and you can go out for 15 minutes or an entire afternoon. Some waterfront rentals are fully equipped with the gear you’ll need to get on the water, including life jackets for the whole family. And if not, you can always bring your own gear, or you might be able to rent equipment at a nearby marina or beach. 

Have a board game tournament

On rainy days, board games are a family vacation essential. Don’t hesitate to ask the host in advance what games, if any, will be available at the cottage. You may need to bring a few favourites from home if you want to make sure there are appropriate options for everyone in your party, or if you’re hoping to play something specific. Monopoly, Scrabble, and Catan are all family-friendly options.  


Plan a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is one sure-fire way to bring out everyone’s competitive side. For maximum fun, consider including a few outrageous or silly requests on the list alongside more straightforward finds like household items or objects found in nature. 

Go for a ride

Cycling and mountain biking are two of Vrbo’s available filters, so you can easily search for a cottage rental that has those activities nearby. Just be sure to bring well-fitting helmets for everyone who might want to come along for the ride, even if bikes are already available at the cottage.

Looking to make memories with your family at a cottage this season? Find a rental that’s perfect for you with the help of Vrbo.