How to avoid the most crowded areas in Canada

One of the main perks of being at the cottage is not being around other people. The lake provides an escape from the crowded city, a chance to be alone with your thoughts. That’s why the best lakes for cottaging on are often the ones farthest from the city, where fewer people dare to venture out to.

If you’re on the hunt for a little isolation, whether it’s to buy a perfect plot of land on which to place your dream cabin or just a peaceful spot to park your trailer for the weekend, we’ve got the official list of places to avoid.

Business Insider posted a list of the most populous areas in Canada, making it easy to skip the lakes where there are bound to be a lot of people.

The country is divided into 298 “Census Geographical Units” and 51% of Canadians live in just 17 of them. So if peace and quiet is what you’re looking for, you’re going to want to avoid the areas on this list:
    1.    Toronto, Ontario
    2.    Metro Vancouver, British Columbia
    3.    Montreal, Quebéc
    4.    Division #6, Alberta
    5.    Peel, Ontario
    6.    Division #11, Alberta
    7.    York, Ontario
    8.    Ottawa, Ontario
    9.    Division #11, Manitoba
    10.    Durham, Ontario
    11.    Quebéc City, Quebéc
    12.    Hamilton, Ontario
    13.    Waterloo, Ontario
    14.    Halton, Ontario
    15.    Simcoe, Ontario
    16.    Middlesex, Ontario
    17.    Niagara, Ontario