Barefoot waterskier breakdances behind a boat

Remember all of the summers you spent at the cottage learning how to waterski? What a big accomplishment it was to drop one and start skiing slalomn? And then from there, learning to get up on one ski and perfecting your carves through the smooth-as-glass lake?

While you should still consider all of these milestones, once you get bored of carving back and forth, the video below will give you something new to aspire to.

Michael Temby has been waterskiing since 1962, and he currently holds the world record for tandem barefoot speed skiing at nearly 100 mph. That being said, it’s obvious that he’s more than comfortable on the water, especially when it comes to getting pulled behind a boat at rapid speeds.┬áSo much so that he’s even taught himself to breakdance behind one. Check out his moves in the video below.