Hike Silent Lake Provincial Park

Silent Lake Provincial Park

Nearly half a decade before Silent Lake became a provincial park, American sportsmen used the private region, located southwest of Bancroft, for hunting and fishing. With one easy, one moderate and one strenuous trail, Silent Lake has something for every level of hiker. The abundant wildlife in this park is considered best seen by boat, however, a rugged trail that circles the lake’s rocky shoreline provides great views as well. One trail that will certainly bring you closer to nature is Bonnie’s Pond Trail. Along it, you can expect to see a variety of natural disturbances, which may include beech trees scarred by the claws of black bears climbing for nuts or blackened pine stumps burnt in a forest fire.

The outdoor activities at Silent Lake Provincial Park seem endless. For those interested in more than hiking, the park’s lakes are renowned for fishing, with lots of trout and bass.

Amenities: Washrooms; showers; campsites; boat launch; boat and tent rentals; stores; roofed accommodations.

How to get there: Whether you’re travelling from the north or south, Silent Lake Provincial Park can be accessed from Highway 28, which intersects with both Highway 7, just south of Peterborough, and Highway 62 at Bancroft.


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