Hike Petroglyphs Provincial Park

petroglphs cave drawing Photo by mspoint/Shutterstock

Petroglyphs Provincial Park is home to Canada’s largest known concentration of Aboriginal rock carvings. Located northeast of Peterborough, this park consists of easy to moderate hiking trails. A self-guided tour through the easy Nanabush Trail will not only provide you with the opportunity to spot some of the 900 native drawings in the park, but will also help keep native legends alive as you explore this historic site. The park provides a booklet that contains Aboriginal teachings, such as how the white birch tree got its black marks, why moss grows on rocks, and how the Milky Way was created.

Petroglyphs Provincial Park occupies a fairly secluded area southeast of Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. However, another natural feature worth visiting if you’re travelling on Highway 28 is Burleigh Falls, located on a beautiful area of the Otanabee River.

Amenities: Washrooms; visitors’ centre; educational programs.

How to get there: From Peterborough, take County Road 29 and continue on to Highway 28. Following Highway 28, turn right on Northeys Road. Highway 28 is also the best route for visitors travelling from the north.

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