Frosty the oversized snowman has survived the bomb cyclone

Man standing next to Frosty, the oversized snowman [Credit: Clorice Doiron]

The intense wintery weather that we’ve seen in the past few weeks may not be beloved by everyone, but surely it is at least welcomed by snowmen, right? Actually, maybe not. As it turns out, the weather in the maritimes recently has been so powerful that even snowmen feared for their lives.

Last week, a weather system known as bombogenesis (AKA “bomb cyclone”) hit Eastern Canada, bringing with it stormy weather, intense snow, and freezing rain. The blizzard was forecast to be powerful enough to cause serious damage — or to destroy a snowman.

Happy an safe Sunday everyone an bundle up it’s still cold

Posted by Clorice Doiron on Sunday, January 7, 2018

Lise and Clorice Doiron, residents of Acadieville, New Brunswick, had built Frosty, a massive, 2.5-metre-tall snowman just a couple days before Christmas, and it weren’t certain if he would survive the storm. Frosty had become a bit of a local celebrity, his massive size and self-conscious smile winning the heart of New Brunswickers.

Fortunately, Frosty made it through the weather bomb, though he did require a “facelift,” according to a video taken after the storm. Appropriately, Frosty’s small, worried smile has become much larger and more relaxed now that he has survived the blizzard.

Frosty isn’t the only celebrity oversized snowman to pop up in the Maritimes. Last winter brough us Chubby, a Haligonian snowman who was built with the help of a snowblower and had a pylon for a nose. Chubby survived his entire natural lifespan, making it through the winter.

As for Frosty, he’s even larger than before, and looking healthy. His new smile seems to indicate that he sees good days ahead — at least until spring.

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