Halifax residents build snowman that’s nearly as high as a house

When you build a snowman that’s nearly as high as a house, a carrot nose just won’t cut it.

That’s why the Halifax trio who built “Chubby,” a giant snowman and now online sensation, used an orange pylon instead.

The snowman was built by Stephen Flynn, Cobie McFallon, and Mike Postma on Sunday, after the city received back-to-back snowstorms.

According to reports, it took the group 12 hours to build Chubby, who now stands 4.5 metres high in front of Postma’s house on Connolly Street.

The group started the project with a snowblower and a tarp. While one person operated the snowblower, the other two stood next to the site holding the tarp (and getting sprayed by snow) until the pile was large enough that they could begin sculpting the snowman.

Once a base and large mid-section were carved from the pile of snow, a 60-centimetre ball that would become the snowman’s head was carried to the top with the help of a ladder.

Then came the final touches—the pylon nose, the hockey puck eyes, the mouth made from chair stoppers and, of course, a scarf, which is made of fabric from the bargain bin at Fabricville.

If building Chubby sounds like an ambitious weekend project, you’ll be even more impressed to learn that it’s just one of many for Flynn and McFallon.

The pair have a Youtube channel dedicated to “doing cool things every weekend.” They started it just more than a month ago and so far, they’ve gone axe throwing, built a giant blanket fort, and even managed to break a few world records.

There’s no word on what they plan to do next weekend, but it sounds like the perfect way to pass a long, snowy winter on Canada’s east coast.