Cottage country is stunning from the ground, but it’s even more breathtaking from above

Before airplanes and fancy cameras, only birds and mountain climbers knew how truly stunning our planet looks from far above. But these days, thanks to satellites, drones, and aerial photographers, we can all see incredibly crisp and detailed images of our world from high up in the air.

The forests, lakes, and mountains of Canada are stunning from the ground, but to see them from above is transcendent. Even someone who has been visiting cottage country for their whole lives will be stunned by how beautiful it appears from above. Aerial photography gives us a whole new perspective on the wild areas we already love.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. Having the power to zoom out from our favourite lakes and rivers ultimately reminds us that they exist in a wider landscape, and that it is our duty to protect them. So check out this gallery to see a rare view of some of your favourite cottaging spots. It will remind you how precious they really are.

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