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Fill out the bookshelf checklist on p. 66 of the Summer ’18 issue of Cottage Life magazine (or check out the list below). Then tally up your points, take a picture of your cottage bookshelf, and share both on social media using #cottageshelfie. You could score a reading prize pack from Penguin Random House Canada worth $335.

1. Something by Stephen King

2. An out-of-date dictionary (add bonus point: it’s a Scrabble dictionary)

3. One of: Flowers in the Attic; Valley of the Dolls; The Thorn Birds

4. One of: The Mists of Avalon; The Lord of the Rings; The Chronicles of Narnia

5. A biography of someone that you’ve never heard of

6. A novel featuring a female reporter protagonist (add bonus point: her love life is in shambles)

7. Something by William Gibson

8. Something by Mary Higgins Clark

9. Archie comics

10. A coffee table book (add bonus point: it’s about the Group of Seven)

11. One of: Lonesome Dove; True Grit; The Sisters Brothers

12. An old first-aid or survival skills book

13. A book on mushrooms, birds, or flowers

14. The Client or The Firm, by John Grisham

15. Any book with Fabio or a Poor Man’s Fabio on the cover

16. Something by a dead Canadian man (add bonus point: it’s Robertson Davies)

17. A novel about a loose-cannon cop, haunted by a past case. They have an ex-spouse and a drinking problem and nothing left to lose, dammit.

Prize list right here!

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