Albino deer is shocked by the loss of its own antlers

It’s not every day you see an albino deer, but if you’re a Wisconsin resident, your chances just improved. The state enjoys a famously high population of so-called “Ghost Deer,” which are unable to produce pigments, leaving their fur completely white and their noses pink.

Thanks to laws prohibiting the hunting of these strange and beautiful creatures, Wisconsin’s white deer have flourished, blending in seamlessly with the state‚Äôs snowy winter landscape.

Of course, catching a glimpse of the shy ungulate is another story. Lucky for us, a stationary camera set up by Youtube-user Sharon Suchala managed to catch this incredible video of a white deer in the wild.

As if this stunning footage wasn’t enough, the deer also sheds its antlers, an event rarely witnessed by humans, much less captured on video.

In a comedic twist, the deer seems absolutely shocked when it shakes its head and the antlers fly off. It darts away in confusion, leaving Sharon with a pretty awesome souvenir.

While some commenters pointed out that early January is too soon for antlers to fall off, early shedding can occur when the winter is unseasonably warm.