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Editor’s pick: Schoolhouse Log Carrier

With all this crazy winter weather we’re seeing this year, our only choice is to rely on more traditional ways to keep ourselves warm and happy. No power? No problem—if you are lucky enough to have a roaring fireplace to huddle around. But prying yourself away from the fire to collect more wood outdoors can be a chore. To make it just a teeny bit more enjoyable, why not add some stylish props into the equation?

The Schoolhouse Log Carrier from Portland, Oregon-based retailer Schoolhouse Electric & Supply is just the thing to add some cheer to a dreary task. Made of heavy cotton canvas with strong, leather handles, it’s not just cute, it’s durable too. Hang it on a hook by the door when it’s not in use, and it might be inspiring enough for someone else to go get the wood for a change. 


$48 plus taxes and shipping through School House Electric.

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