9 jaw-dropping aerial photos of winter cottage country

There’s something about winter that manages to make us feel both cold and cozy—it’s all about perspective. Think of the fresh, crisp air as something that makes you feel awake and alive. Fresh snow can become a day of fun outside. A snowstorm is a chance to build a fire and wrap up in blanket on the couch. These aerial winter cottage country photos will remind you why the cold season should be celebrated rather than make you cringe—just look at how beautiful it can be.

When you think of winter at the cottage, what comes to mind? Is it a game of shinny on the lake? A cup of hot chocolate? A roaring fire? There are so many things you can see and do at this time of year that you aren’t able to during the summer cottage season—maybe these winter cottage country shots will make you want to pack the car and try out a few snowy days up north!

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