This video of mounties at hockey’s birthplace is the most Canadian thing ever

Mounties playing hockey at Great Bear Lake

Canadian stereotypes are fun and all, but more advanced Canadians prefer to stack them, combining Canuck cliches into a hash of maple-flavoured patriotism.

And Canadian-stereotype stacking isn’t just fun; it’s easy. For instance, you could say “sorry” to Alex Trebek after budding in front of him at the poutine stand. You could ride a snowmobile across the Plains of Abraham while splitting a box of Timbits and a bag of milk with Kurt Browning. You could even eat ketchup-covered Kraft Dinner in a canoe with Anne Murray.

Or you could make like the mounties in this video, who donned the red serge to play shinny on Great Bear Lake, the birthplace of hockey.

Constable Jason Ellefsen and Constable Neal Machek (who’s wife, Shelagh, shot the video) are both stationed at Deline, N.W.T, a community of 500 people on the shores of the famous Great Bear Lake. And since an 1825 entry in explorer Sir John Franklin’s diary describes the first recorded game of hockey being played in that same spot, they figured they’d lace up and relive a slice of Canadian history.

“We’re big hockey fans,” Machek told The Huffington Post. “I just wanted to get out there and do it, for whatever reason I don’t know.”

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