6 easy tricks to get anyone up on waterskis

young-boy-waterskiing-on-lake Photo by CroMary/Shutterstock

Have you crossed waterskiing off of your summer bucket list yet? There’s one last long weekend—this is the time. And we’ve got 6 easy tricks to help you straight from Amie and Jamie Teetaert of Club de Skinautique in Manitoba:

1. Start in a sitting position in the water, with your ski tips out and your knees bent at 90 degrees. Don’t bend more than that. Your butt will drag too much to get liftoff.

2. Stay sitting as the boat starts to pull you at half-throttle, and resist the water in front of you by applying pressure forward with the bottom of your feet.

3. Keep the rope handle close to your hips. Too high and you’ll fall backward; too low and you’ll fall on your butt.

4. Keep your shoulders back. Resist the urge to roll your shoulders forward; that puts the weight on your toes.

5. Once you find your balance, stand up slowly. Every move should be slow and precise. Otherwise, you lose form and tip over.

6. Try dropping a ski. Slowly lift that foot up and down, up and down, finding your balance. Once you’re comfortable, point your toe. The water will pull the ski off (fast). Slowly return your foot down on top of the back binding. Don’t rush. Once you’ve regained balance, slide it inside.

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