8 amazing places to surf in Canada

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When you think of Canada you think of ice skating, maple syrup and our obsession with apologizing. But what you may not expect of this amazing country (totally biased here) is that if you know where to go—we have some pretty sweet surfing spots. So grab a wet-suit (it’s still Canada c’mon now) and prepare yourself for a totally radical experience.

Tofino, B.C

We’re going to start this list off right and put Canada’s surf capital right on top! Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, this spot has waves perfect for both beginners and experts alike. Long Beach, located adjacent to Tofino in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, is a great surf spot for surfers of all levels. And its 16-km space allows plenty of elbow-room during the summer rush. Another great spot is Cox Bay beach. Though it is much smaller, it’s known for its consistent waves in the summer.

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Kananaskis County, Calgary

Santa Claus and The Green tongue are one of the bests spots on the Kananaskis river to catch waves in April. The Green Tongue is easier to access as well as safer for beginners and those wishing to test the waters, whereas Santa Claus is for the more advanced surfer.

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Lake Superior

You’re going to have to check the forecast before you go surfing anywhere on Lake Superior—waves can reach up to twelve feet high and can grow even higher if there are storms! Weather aside, the north shore is an ideal spot to catch some waves on Lake Superior in early spring!

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Sturgeon Falls, Manitoba

This spot is around an hour and a half away from Winnipeg, and it has a variety of waves to suit your comfort and expertise level! While there is a long paddle to get out to the waves, hopping on a jet ski or boat may be more ideal. The best time to surf here is spring and early summer!

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Habitat 67, Montreal

While there are various spots to surf on the St. Lawrence river, the standing wave, Habitat 67 or H67 is the most popular. Located in the Lachine Rapids, this spot is best known for its rolling and standing waves. Two popular surf schools in Montreal have taught more than 5,000 people on these waves since 2005— the waters are ideal for beginners! The best time to surf here is a hot summer day, it’s open through May to October.

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Lawrencetown Beach, Lawrencetown Provincial Park, Halifax

Not only is this beach a provincial park, but it’s also one of the first beaches in the province to be supervised by the Nova Scotia Lifeguard service. The beach is south-facing and stretches approximately 1.5 kilometres. It’s also known for its amazing waves at night, so if you’re up for an exciting night, this may be the perfect place for you. The best time to surf here is September to early Spring!

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Sombrio Beach, B.C

Known for its consistent surf waves, Sombrio Beach is located on Vancouver Island. Wetsuits and booties are recommended all year-round, but this space isn’t just great for catching some waves—it’s also ideal for camping and hiking!

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Kincardine, Ontario

While Kincardine is a great beach for a relaxing swim, it’s also a cool little surf spot during Spring and Fall!The weather plays a big role in the swell size and breaks here, but if you plan your trip right  you can find yourself surfing waves that have a height of ten feet.

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If it’s your first time surfing make sure you have an experienced individual with you—the water may look calm but weather changes may increase wave height. Surf Safe!