5 meaningful beer commercials that are actually worth watching

We all know beer is an easy sell. It doesn’t really take that much to convince most of us to get off the couch and pick up a six-pack for the weekend. That must be why most beer advertisers put so little effort in selling it to us. Refer to any ad airing now, and you’ll see the big brands promising you that, in return for buying their brew, you’ll either get the girl, be a man, or both.

So when a beer ad breaks the mould and offers us something a little more meaningful than a babe in a bikini, we take notice. I’m sure you already have your favourite beer, and a good ad probably isn’t going to convince you to switch, but here are five great beer commercials worth watching anyway.

Let’s have a round of applause for originality and then celebrate with a cold one. Whatever you’ve got in the fridge is fine.

The feel-good surprise attack

Just when you’re thinking how cool these guys are for playing basketball in wheelchairs, they get even cooler.

The tear-jerker

I know, I feel the same way about getting sniffly over a Clydesdale.

The well-illustrated lesson

These guys are adorably serious about not drinking and driving.

The reward for good behaviour

Never judge a biker by his tats, OK?

The icon maker

This one is responsible for its own set of clichés, but it reminded a generation of Canadians to be proud of our amazing country.