5 lumberjack tools that make handling firewood easy

picaroon Photo by Liam Mogan

As the cold sets in again, you’ll likely need to stock up on firewood. If you’re chopping it yourself, there are lumberjack tools out there to improve efficiency and safety. But do you know a cant hook from a picaroon? If you’re going to wear your plaid shirt, you should see if these tools are worth adding to your shed.

1. Cleat and beak cant hook
A heavy-duty option; the cant hook uses simple applied leverage physics: hook the beak and cleat into a chopped log’s bark, and apply pressure to roll the piece over.

cleat and beak cant hook tool
Photo by Liam Mogan

2. Cant hook log jack combo
Another option for bigger jobs.

cant hook-log jack combo tool
Photo by Liam Mogan

3. Small cant hook
A cheaper, modern version. Use this for smaller logs.

small cant hook tool
Photo by Liam Mogan

4. Pulp hook
A traditional pulp worker implement used by loggers who had to load trucks by hand. Handy when you need to move bigger pieces: drive the sharpened end into the log to drag or flip it.

pulp hook tool
Photo by Liam Mogan

5. Picaroon
Another tool found in the arsenal of old-time pulp loggers; the same MO as the pulp hook, but with a longer handle.

picaroon tool
Photo by Liam Mogan

Pro tip
Use the jack on the cant hook-log jack combo to lift a log up to prevent a stuck bar or damaging your chain on the ground.

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