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Choosing the right chainsaw for your cottage

From tree-cutting and brushwork to rustic DIY projects, there are plenty of uses for a chainsaw at your cottage. But before you select a chainsaw, the first question you should ask is, ‘What kind of work do I need the saw for?’

Chainsaws can be broadly divided into four groups:
1. Professional saws offer maximum performance and optimum ergonomics for heavy-duty use.  
2. All-around saws are robust chainsaws built for professional use, but with a slightly lower performance. They are designed for part-time use, such as woodcutting.
3. Recreational or consumer saws are easy-to-use, small saws designed for home use by “recreational users” who do not use their chainsaw very often.
4. Tree-care saws are built to be used only by professionals in tree-care work.

Ultimately, you should choose a smaller chainsaw with a less powerful engine if you are new to chainsaw work. A small saw is easier to maneuver than a large one. If the chainsaw is too heavy, your hands and arms will tire, which can create a safety risk.

Things to keep in mind when buying or using a chainsaw:
• Using the correct techniques when you use the saw makes your work not only safer, but also easier.
• Be sure to use approved protective equipment like safety trousers, boots, a helmet with a visor, hearing protection, and gloves.
• A light saw is easier to handle if you’re inexperienced.
• Low vibration levels in the handles and a slim and well-balanced saw body are welcome features, even if you only use the saw part-time. Good ergonomics can be just as important as low weight.
• Look for efficient kickback protection. Also pay attention to small details, for instance, how easy it is to replace a chain catcher stud that has been broken off and easy access to controls.
• Is the saw easy to maintain and service? Good access to the air filter and spark plug, as well as easy chain tensioning save time and effort.
• You should have your saw serviced regularly by a qualified professional.

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